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Living in Toronto, I don’t get much of a chance to see Avalanche games so I never have watched Varlamov play.  After this, I can definitely see why he’s both so highly regarded as well as probably one of the most underrated sleeper goalies around today.  

Varly is pure speed, pure technique (check his glove high stance), it’s exhausting to watch but his athleticism cannot be denied.  

Anthony Pupplo is a popular tendy and an Islanders prospect, and posts a lot of solid videos of himself during practices.  The way he moves essentially embodies Price, as he doesn’t explode and play aggressive, but instead glides and just makes everything seemeless and easy.  

Technically superb that’s borderline ridiculous (and I’m insanely) jealous.  If you want to find a tendy who’s not in the show yet, and who you should strive to play like, Pupplo is it.

Rather than just a bunch of wordy articles (and lack of recent posting), I thought it’d be awesome to post inspirational and technically sound videos of other tendies!

Here’s one of a girl goalie who (based on her About section on her YouTube page) is a AAA goalie for the Female Kelowna Rockets.  It took me about 15 secs to determine she’s better than me hah.


Get your summer workout on! 

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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer/offseason!  It’s important to get away from the sport some time and work on other facets of your physicality and personal life.  =)

In saying that, I miss hockey.




is that squidward

This is all I care about

this got progressively better

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Hockey Pond. Manitoba, Canada

It’s so glorious


Hockey Pond. Manitoba, Canada

It’s so glorious

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Breaking Down Lundqvist vs. Quick in Cup Final

Here’s a fantastic article about the contrasting styles and their statistics between Lundqvist and Quick.  Take a look at the infographics as there’s some interesting info here.  

Are Teams Putting Goalies At Risk With Workload?

Not rec-league related but interesting article about the importance of rest for NHL goalies and the grueling 82 game season, not including playoffs.

I’ll preface this post with an apology.  

I haven’t written anything in a long time, it’s the “offseason” afterall…at least for a Leafs fan (in my book the season ended the day after the Winter Classic).  I will be writing a post about the playoffs thus far, better late than never right?  It’ll be centered around the amazing goalie matchups we’ve seen thus far!

But my own personal beer league news, I’ve been playing for a low-level rec league team.  Like, REALLY low.  The pros is I’m getting lots of shots and staying active..that’s the only pros (they’re that bad).  I also bought brand new Warrior G2 Pro pads!  These babies are gorgeous and slide like a dream.  I posted a review on GSBB.  But for now here’s a fancy pic and a crudely shot video taken just recently:


3rd Game using the G2’s: